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When I had my first session of reflexology I have to admit I was a bit sceptical but after a 6 week course of treatments I was a complete convert! I have suffered from hay fever and other allergies for nearly 40 years but this year I had virtually no symptoms in a year that was particularly bad for hay fever sufferers. Susanne is a very warm and engaging person and I felt totally relaxed in her very capable hands. I will definitely be back for more treatments.


I consulted Susanne recently for reflexology and was impressed both by her empathetic approach and her professionalism. At the initial consultation she took a comprehensive case-history which reassured me she had a thorough understanding of the problem, and during subsequent treatment sessions her touch was confident, gentle and effective. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone seeking reflexology.

JF - Registered Osteopath

For some weeks I had wonderful restful reflexology from Susanne who was most attentive to my needs and I felt so much better after each session.


Susanne has the most amazing skill. It was quite extraordinary how she picked up things about my body and mind that I had not told her along with all the things that I had. Her treatments have been truly an amazing experience. From the moment you go into her room there is a feeling of complete calm as well as professionalism. Susanne explains extremely well what she is doing and has a knack of knowing exactly what I am needing. The benefits have been tremendous and by the end of the session I truly feel like I am floating. There is absolutely no doubt that my re-flux, sleeping and other general digestive problems have improved vastly. My whole being is also considerably calmer which is a miracle. If I was able I would go every week, although it does seem that attending weekly for a certain length of time and then going once a month is working well too. I would highly recommend Susanne to anyone who has a concern over a health issue or who is keen to have a relaxing treatment which results in huge health benefits and leaves you feeling calm, de-stressed and mentally clearer. It has also been a pleasure hearing Susanne talk about reflexology in the way that she does - she is so passionate as well as being extremely informative.


Never thought reflexology could help me deal so well with stress, I found the course very relaxing and it helped relieve a sore shoulder which other treatments had not sorted. I look forward to my fortnightly reflexology a great way to relax and de-stress. Thank you.


Following major ankle surgery I had a course of reflexology to aid recovery and reduce swelling. My surgeon was amazed at the speed of my recovery which was well in advance of others at the same stage.


I initially went to see Susanne as I was feeling very out of alignment after a difficult period in my life. Her treatments were not only enjoyable but offered me a chance to relax and heal. I always leave feeling uplifted and with a renewed sense of wellbeing. During each treatment Susanne very clearly explains, what tension or blockages she is finding as she works.This has helped inform me where my body’s energy is out of alignment and with suggestions from her on self-help techniques to practise at home, the benefits have increased over time . I happily recommend Susanne as she provides a really personalised and professional treatment in her calm and tranquil room. Definitely a place of peace and healing. Thank you for helping to create changes in my life that have helped me feel better about myself again.


I have had several reflexology sessions with Susanne and each time I have come out feeling relaxed and ‘recentred’. She takes a comprehensive check over of me before each session and clearly knows exactly what she’s doing and what she’s looking for. The room she uses has a lovely relaxing and calm ambience, so I plan to continue with regular sessions with Susanne as the sessions have helped me through some difficult emotional times.


Susanne is very business-like, kind, and professional. Her cheerfulness and encouragement are very good for the client and the client feels at home with her very quickly


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