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My Background

Susanne Harris - CRM5 (Centralia Reflexology Mastership Level 5), Qualified Nurse, BSc (Hons) Interprofessional Health and Social Care, Katseye Blends Consultant, Member of Professional Reflexology, certificate for the Disclosure Barring Service, certificate of Insurance to Practice.

I’ve always felt we neglect our feet, yet they carry the full weight of our bodies, needing to be firmly grounded with the earth beneath us, absorbing its immense energy. Feet are extremely receptive and yet we often choose to ignore them. I trained as a general nurse over 30 years ago and gained my degree in 2012. Until qualifying as a reflexologist, I had previously spent many years as a recovery and anaesthetic nurse, but working more recently with brain acquired injury patients. My interest in the nervous system under anaesthesia and in brain injuries, in a roundabout way, link in with reflexology - after all, there are 7,000-7,200 nerve endings in each human foot alone!

Reflexology itself is a precise holistic therapy, not to be confused with a beauty treatment, and works on the whole body including mind, spirit and emotions. It does not claim to diagnose or cure, but with 80% of illnesses thought to be linked to stress, experience shows that very positive benefits may be gained through the use of reflexology. Being a reflexologist at level 5 is the highest level of training in the UK, and means the sessions I give are very much from a clinical and therapeutic approach, taking into account both physical and non-physical factors that might affect your well-being. It involves individualised assessment, treatment planning and evaluation, as well as a thoroughly relaxing foot massage at the end.

I am also qualified to make aromatherapy blends products, bespoke to a client's individual requirements, including bath salts, body lotion, face cream, foot balm wax, hand cream, massage/bath oil, rollerball pulse points and room sprays.

Susanne and Reflexology: About
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